Women Entrepreneurship Encouragement in Moldova

During 10- 13 September I had the opportunity to attend an entrepreneurship training, part of the project Women Entrepreneurship Encouragement in Moldova, organized by International Business School at Vilnius University http://www.tvm.vu.lt/en and Perspectiva University http://www.perspectiva.md/en/ .

First of all I was surprised and happy that a private university from Moldova is engaging in social projects, we do not have many of these experiences in Moldova. The head of the University  and the Vice rector both very inspiring women, that gave me the hope in a better educational system in Moldova.

Secondly, I was not expecting that a trainer from Lithuania will be so different (and I can say much better) than a local trainer. I must admit that I made a wrong assumption before to find out that Lithuania is well-developed in terms of science and research with a based-on-theory educational system.

The third surprise was the profile of the participants, most of them graduated in law and tourism. I was expecting more women with economic background. I have learnt from them that we have no limits when we have a dream.

So, this training was really different from what I attended before in Moldova, also from the content point of view.

Innovation strategies,  ideas generation techniques, assessing the investment in human resource and the social impact  represent new and useful topics for entrepreneurship training programs in Moldova.  The trainers delivered a well-structured theoretical support followed by some practical exercises and discussions.

Now we have to apply the knowledge and to develop a business plan, and the 5 best will get the chance to visit Lithuania and to  meet Lithuanian women entrepreneurs. I am working on my business plan now and hope to be selected and to get to know there the women that organise the Honey Festival in Vilnius.

I am very thankful for the organizers and glad to meet the other inspiring and great girls.

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