Dulce Plai Launch Event

Dear readers,

We are happy to share with you impressions and photos from our project launch event, held on August, 27th.

We started our day at 6 in the morning but we managed to be ready before the rain started.




Dulce Plai team ready for a long day, and for something new for all of us. Thank you from the right to the left Nata, Alex, Ana, Ion, Eugen.

We have been giving honey spread on bread to our visitors. It was very interesting to see people acting very different, from  saying NO or refusing to look to us, to people smiling and saying THANK YOU.  The most happy were the children that loved our honey.

We offered to our visitors 3 different types of honey Acacia, Sunflower, Linden and mix of honey with nuts, almonds, sesami and dry fruits. We also had beewax candels and our promotional bags.

We had a wonderful day when we added some more sweet taste to people’s life. There were people encouraging to go further and congratulating for our idea and enthusiasm and there were people being less optimistic about our future.

But for us, every sigle visitor was a challenge, a lesson, a receiver of our message and a beneficiary of our efforts. And there were more then 300 people interacting with us, and many others on facebook, reading our updates and visiting our new launched page.


The event was possible with the support of Dekeyser&Friends Academy. THANK YOU.


Looking forward for other new events in our project life and for your feedback,

Have a sweet September,

Liza and Dulce Plai team

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