We want to leave the world a bit better than we have found it and a sweeter future for the next generation of people and bees.


In the 1970s, Rep. Moldova – then part of the Soviet Union – housed more than 300,000 bee families in collective bee-farms. One of these bee-farm was managed by Anatol Mamaliga, who had learned beekeeping alongside his father in the little apiary of his family. Once Moldova became independent in 1991, the collective apiaries vanished and with it, the bee population of the country began to fall sharply. But Anatol did not get discourage, but continued the inheritance from his father. He invested in 30 hives, which he placed on a small field behind the house, in the village of Todiresti, Ungheni district.”


Starting in 2012, Anatol’s bee-farm passes into the hands of a new generation. Liza Mamaliga takes the passion and work of her father and grandfather further, establishing the “Dulce Plai” social enterprise in Todireşti. In addition to the natural products from the bee-farm, Dulce Plai was created to restore the bee population of Rep. Moldova to educate people about the importance of bees and to inspire young people to step on the road to social entrepreneurship.


More than anything else, Dulce Plai wanted to take the apiculture from anonymity and clichés. That’s how Liza and some other girls got some bee suits and began to play a sketch in Chisinau schools. Thanks to this campaign, simply called “Learn From Bees!”, the children had the opportunity to learn in a simple way about bees life, pollination, how they make honey and why it is good to eat it. The innovative and playful format has caught on to the public, so the campaign has continued outside schools with visits to the bee-farm, fairs and even online.


The years 2014-2015 were great and rich in inspiration for Dulce Plai. Then we started to play with the idea of sets, the first being the set “Honey and herbal tea”. Together with Eugen Guzun from Seed It Forward initiative, we began to produce natural soap with essential oils and enriched with honey, beeswax and propolis.


The years 2016-2017 were with ups and downs for us and especially for our bees. The good part was that we started deliveries at home, which proved to be the best way to be close to the consumers in Chisinau. The saddest part was that a large number of bees died in that winter, a loss we even feel today.


In 2018, the EcoLocal weekly market was born in Chisinau, where Dulce Plai was a regular presence. EcoLocal platform gave us the opportunity to strengthen our community with many good people, both producers and consumers. This is where we tested our new product, “Batonash” – energy bars made of nuts, fruits, cereals, seeds and honey. In the same year, Liza took part in the “Women in Business” program, where she also won with the Dulce Plai business plan. With the winning prize we were able to equipthe bee-farm with new hives and pollen collectors.


2019 is the year when Dulce Plai crossed the border, to Romania. Supported by the Ro-Win program, we are now working on a laboratory for the production of the energy bars in Iaşi, and we continue to write the Dulce Plai story with the help of good people we meet on this journey.

Throughout this small story, we had some wonderful people: Alexandra, Gheorghe, Mihaela, Ecaterina, Veronica, Stephen, Eugen, and Ion. Without their talent and efforts, Dulce Plai would not have gotten where it is today, that’s why we give them a great THANK YOU!