Business Networking Event

Last Saturday I had the chance to participate in my first Business Networking Event (BNE) organized by JCI Chisinau.

What a BNE is?

It is a networking activity that helps you identify business opportunities among the other participants: businessmen, freelancers, managers etc.

In general in 2 hours you meet 20 people for a 4 minutes each discussion. You pitch your business, your project or your idea and find out about your conversation partners.

To be honest I didn’t have big expectations from this event, I thought they just go to drink coffee and to make cool pictures for Facebook. Well, fortunately, I was wrong again.

I met 8 professionals  from different fields: marketing,web service, insurance, outsourcing, ecological agriculture, meat processing, oriental therapy, English learning program and a great team that organized the BNE. From this 8 people I identified 6 possible partnerships, 3 of them for Dulce Plai project.

One more great thing about the BNE is that I had the chance to practice pitching my project. And I have learned that you have to know what are you doing, why are you doing this, what are the future plans, what you need support for in order to make your partner giving you solutions that he could have for you.

I will definitely go to other BNEs and I am planning to organize one in Ungheni, the region I am from. I made already a list of people to contact in order to find the participants there and looking for 2-3 volunteers to help with event management. It will be held in November and hope to have as much impact as the one I have participated at. I will keep you updated with the event follow-up.

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