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    The bees collect the pollen from the flowers and store it in the combs. Pollen is their source of protein. In the warm season, when there are many flowers, they collect pollen in excess. Thus, we collect some of the surplus pollen in the summer and we give some back in the autumn and early spring, when the bees need protein and in nature is no longer enough. Another part of the collected pollen is frozen or mixed with honey to be sold.

    On drying, pollen loses its nutritional value, so we decided to keep it frozen or freshly preserved in honey. In the raw pollen we find all the important micronutrients for our health, that are lacking in modern refined and over-processed foods. We have 2 kinds of pollen. Spring pollen and summer pollen. The price of frozen pollen is 400 MDL / kg (100 RON) and Pollen with honey costs 300 MDL / kg (75 RON).

How to buy ?

In 2019, Dulce Plai gradually moves from direct sales through deliveries to collaborating with other companies that are selling local food.

If you are in Ungheni, find Dulce Plai products at Cookies Patisserie.

Soon we will publish the list of locations where you can find our products.