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    Honey Dulce Plai

    Dulce Plai Honey is produced in the Ungheni region at our Todireşti and Elizavetovca bee-farm. We practice and promote apiculture that is friendly to our bees, biodiversity and humans. Our bees gather early spring nectar from the flowers of the fruit trees, rape and acacia. In the summer they start with flowers of lime, lime and field flowers and towards the end of summer they work in the sunflower field and if we were lucky with a rainy summer in August / September, nature still gives lots of flowers. You can find several types of honey, depending on what kind of flowers we have nearby. Packaging: 360g, 500g, 1kg, 1.3kg, 4.5kg and buckets of 35-40kg. The price: Depends on the quantity requested and the type of packaging, but our price is at the average price on the Moldovan and Romanian market.

    Honey Spring flowers

    In Moldova it is also known as May flowers honey. It is a polyfloral honey made of nectar of acacia flowers, fruit trees flowers and field flowers blooming in May-June. It has a pronounced and aromatic taste. It crystallizes into fine crystals, finally having a creamy texture. The price per kilogram of honey - spring flowers varies between 90-130 MDL (22-32 RON) packaged in jars and about 60 lei (15 RON) sold in quantities over 200kg.

    Honey Acacia flowers

    Acacia honey is the only kind of honey that does not crystallize due to its high fructose content relative to glucose. It is yellowish-white, transparent and with a mild taste. It is more easily assimilated by people who easily develop allergies, diabetics and children up to 3 years old. The price per kilogram of acacia honey varies between 100-140 MDL (25-35 RON) packaged in jars and about 80 lei (20 RON) sold in quantities over 200kg.

    Honey - summer flowers

    It is extracted in August and it is the honey produced from nectar of field flowers and sunflower. It crystallizes very quickly and in hard crystals due to its high glucose content. Being polyfloral honey is rich in minerals, organic acids, enzymes and vitamins, and lecithin in pure form, necessary for intellectual activity. The price per kilogram of honey - summer flowers varies between 75-100 MDL (18-25 RON) packaged in jars and about 40-50 lei (10-13 RON) sold in quantities over 200kg.

    Honey Combs

    It has special qualities, because in honey combs the higher value of honey is greatly enhanced by the intake of vitamins and other active substances and principles contained in wax, which by the process of mastication pass from wax to the human body , with honey ingested.

    Creamed-honey Nectar of Moldova

    This kind of honey is produced by mixing several types of honey: acacia, spring flowers, summer flowers and more honey, salvia, lime, rape and lavender honey from the apiaries of other trusted beekeepers. They are blended with the mixer until the crystals are crushed and honey becomes creamy. It is well suited to be spread on bread or cheese. The price per kg of honey Moldova Nectar ranges between 100-140 MDL (25-35 RON) packaged in jars and about 80 lei (20 RON) sold in quantities over 200kg.

The process of extracting honey

How to buy ?

In 2019, Dulce Plai gradually moves from direct sales through deliveries to collaborating with other companies that are selling local food.

If you are in Ungheni, find Dulce Plai products at Cookies Patisserie.

Soon we will publish the list of locations where you can find our products.