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    Batonash is a nutritious, tasty and energizing snack. It is made from simple ingredients and 90% local: nuts, almonds, dried fruits, seeds, oatmeal and honey. The bar is not processed, so all properties of the ingredients are preserved. It is a hand-made and crafted product, but manufactured in an authorized laboratory, which ensures a high level of hygiene and food safety.

    The production lab is located in Iași. The honey used for the preparation comes directly from our bee-farm from Ungheni and the rest of the ingredients are bought from small local producers in Moldova and Romania.
    Now we offer 2 tastes of Batonash, but soon we come with new versions:

    1. walnuts and plums
    2. almond, apricot and coconut

How to buy ?

In 2019, Dulce Plai gradually moves from direct sales through deliveries to collaborating with other companies that are selling local food.

If you are in Ungheni, find Dulce Plai products at Cookies Patisserie.

Soon we will publish the list of locations where you can find our products.