Wax Candles

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    Beeswax and cotton yarn are all we use to produce candles. Sometimes we experiment and add a little natural color or essential oil. Beeswax candles burning in enclosed rooms, cleans the air of microbes and dust, and dispel the unpleasant odor, leaving a pleasant, waxy scent instead.

    We urge you to give up all the paraffin candles. Being a product of petroleum origin emanates substances that negatively affect our health. Beeswax candles are more expensive than paraffin candles and simpler, but burn for 4-5 times longer and has just positive impact. On request, we also make wedding candles or small church candles.

    We have different shapes and sizes and the price of candles ranges from 15 MDL (RON 4) to 110 RON (30 RON). You can buy from us raw beeswax. The price for 1kg of beeswax is 150-180 MDL (40-45 RON)

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In 2019, Dulce Plai gradually moves from direct sales through deliveries to collaborating with other companies that are selling local food.

If you are in Ungheni, find Dulce Plai products at Cookies Patisserie.

Soon we will publish the list of locations where you can find our products.