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The product is a protective cream with a high content of natural bee substances, used for the special care of the skin areas usually exposed to the action of aggressive factors (cleaning chemical products, sun-rays, cold, etc.).

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Characteristics: It is a homogenous cream, yellow-brown in colour with characteristic smell. The propolis extract, a new ingredient in the composition of a classical cream has a complex structure which offers an antioxidant, antiseptic and wound healing action, due to its main active compounds, flavones, etheric oils, resins, tannins. The occurrence of oligo-elements favourably restores their absence at the level of the epithelial tissue. The flavones present in the propolis extract also decrease the capillary fragility. The cream assures the regeneration of the epithelial cells and an improved elasticity of the skin. Application and usage: The cream is applied on the areas affected by the aggresion factors (chemicals, sun rays, wind and cold) and it is easily massaged without pressure on the skin. The excessive cream should not be removed immediately from the affected areas. Presentation: Tubes containing 30 g+ 5% cream. Composition: Propolis extract, beeswax, spermaceti, lanoline, paraffin oil, nipagin, borax.


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